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On 2/6/15, The Southside Media Collective, the not- for-profit operator of The Pirate, was granted permission by the FCC to build and operate an FM Broadcast station for Fort Worth, Texas under the Community Radio Act of 2010. We are currently conducting low power tests on 97.5 so check it from time to time. You may hear some local tunes!   

The Southside Pirate is owned and operated by The Southside Media Collective. A domestic non-profit 501 (c) (3)  organization, whos mission is to provide equal media access for all citizens.

We will do our best to provide information on this community project though social media, this site as well as our audio streams.

The plan is for a one-of-a-kind community station that plays 100% Local Music from our community.  It's a 'format-free' approach to radio. It's a wide range of programming - instructional and entertaining, produced by the community played daily on 97.5 The Pirate.  

Supported by the community, our first one time expense is transmission and antenna equipment to get our signal on the air at 100% legal power to cover Fort Worth with a high quality signal.  To meet that need, The Pirate will soon conduct a crowd-funding campaign to raise $11,000. In the meantime, please throw us some change using the PayPal link below.

Additional funding to support 97.5 The Pirate will come from program underwriters who appreciate local, creative programming, available nowhere else. Please help us get this amazing project going with a donation using PayPal. 

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