‚ÄčTo get your music on The Pirate, the process is quite simple. Get your composition and finished material on CD. Drop it in the box.  By submitting your tunes to us, you allow us to play it on our online and on air streams and you allow us to use your name or your bands name in promotional propaganda related to our project. See how simple that is?

Our Booty Box is located at Avoca Coffee. 1311 Magnolia here in the Southside. Thanks to them for allowing us to collect our music there.  Again the concept is  simple. LOCAL Musicians put their music in it - the same way you might leave a demo off at a radio station. We play it and people hear it, there you go. With the internet, as you know you can sell your music online (that means using the inter web to buy tunes. All the kids seem to like that so they can play them on their Walkman. Nevertheless, should YOU, the local musician, submit for play on the lil' Pirate your music which is already being offered on Amazon, you can experience a sale via click-through through the front end of The Pirate. That is, our Ajax server will sling your cover art and your unique sales link on Amazon to the viewer. Not a bad deal really. 

We accept all kinds of local music. Once we get your CD, we will review it for airplay (we have FCC standards to obey) and find the right times of the day for your tune(s). Usually we like to add at least three cuts from a CD. If you have some that deserve attention, let us know in your package. Any info about the band is helpful too. Once your tunes are up for airplay, we usually do a visual ad for the band (at no charge) saying we are welcoming them to our airwaves. These ads appear on our social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter and the rest.)

When we prepare your music for airplay, we look for ID3 Tags, which are important when distributing music these days. Make  sure your CDs are tagged properly so we may take advantage of the BUY NOW feature we offer on our expanded online player. Also, check in with Last.fm and let them know about you. Our player automatically displays album art and BUY NOW links.  If you have any questions, let us hear from you.

We regret that we do not accept downloads or e-mail containing your files. Sadly, we will delete them. The reason being is that delivering music also includes notes, pictures and packaging.  We know some of those things can be time consuming but it is part of the process. We are just looking for the minimum effort locally (you don't have to buy coffee at Avoca but if would be nice if you did and its mighty good, too!) Thank you for understanding. Its our pleasure to play your music because we know it makes KFTW a one-of-a-kind radio station.